Indoor Photo Spots in New Orleans

If you've ever been to NOLA then you already know how unpredictable the weather can be which can be a bit of a hurdle for an outdoor scheduled session.  No worries there!  This city has plenty of great indoor spots as well that still capture the New Orleans vibe while protecting you from the elements.  Whether you get rained out or want to stay cool in the summer, here's a list of our favorite indoor photo spots in New Orleans.  Keep in mind that we may need to call ahead and get permission from these spots and/or pay a fee to photograph there.  If you haven't yet, check out our list of the best Nola engagement photo spots, as well.  Heres our growing list of the best indoor spots to take photos in New Orleans no matter the weather:

Race & Religious

One of our favorite New Orleans venues for so many reasons.  Complete with eclectic antique European furniture, brick courtyards, tropical plants, and a pool, we always find new corners to photograph in at Race and Religious.  The venue is located right on the river in the lower garden district and does require an appointment and an hourly photography fee.  Trust us, Race and Religious does not disappoint.


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Hotel rooms, lobbies, and bars

You’ve may have seen this new iconic spot before- An Ashley Longshore painting of Lil Wayne eating cake surrounded by other floral paintings hung above a gorgeous green velvet couch.  That’s the Pontchartrain Hotel- a vibey spot in the garden district with a lot to offer for photographs.  Besides Jack Rose rose room (with the paintings), the Pontchartrain hotel features a cute little coffee shop on the main level, and Hot Tin- a swanky rooftop bar with one of the best views of the city.  The rooms are a great spot to get ready for your wedding, too! Steer clear of happy hour because this bar can get pretty packed. The Carousel Bar is inside of Hotel Monteleone and features a revolving carousel bar.  It’s a popular, busy spot, but it’s a great place to grab a drink before a session in the French Quarter.  The bar fills up fast, so it’s always a good idea to grab a spot before the busier hours. Great vibes, great food & cocktails, and a great area of town.  The Catahoula Hotel is a boutique spot with a courtyard featuring lots of natural light, vintage checkered floors, plants everywhere, and a breezy rooftop bar.  The Catahoula has always been pretty friendly about us taking photos there, but we always make sure to purchase a snack or drink while we’re there taking photos.



NOLA Botanical Gardens Greenhouse

If you follow along with us on Instagram, then you already know that we love being surrounded by plants.  The greenhouses in the New Orleans Botanical Gardens are like secret little tranquility sun-houses for the soul and make wonderful spots for photographs.  There’s a lush tropical greenhouse and a succulent one. An entry fee and a photo pass are required for this spot.

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Marigny Opera House

The Marigny Opera House is an old gutted church that was burned down and rebuilt.  Featuring colorful checkered floors, vaulted ceilings, and stained glass windows, this venue and meeting place is a gorgeous spot for photos.  The staircase towards the front of the church has gorgeous golden lighting in the afternoon.  The Marigny is a quieter part of town, and an appointment and photographer fee is required.

Romantic winter wedding Marigny Opera House

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Airbnb for an in-home session feel

We truly believe that you really can’t go wrong with an in-home session.  They’re laid back, relaxed, and cozy, and some of our favorite couple’s photos have been inside of homes.  If you are traveling to NOLA from another city, you’ll likely book a hotel or Airbnb anyway so it could be a good idea to pick one that has great lighting and decor that you love.  We’ve seen many great BnBs in the city, so feel free to reach out if you need any recommendations.  If you’re local and considering an indoor location that isn’t your own house, consider renting out an Airbnb as a stay-cation for your session.


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