Kira | Marigny Opera House Bridal Session

Kira married Drew and that means I can finally share her Marigny Opera House bridal session.

There are so many things to love about this venue.  Marigny Opera House features colorful tiled floors, big windows with lots of character, and floor to ceiling arches leading up to a vaulted ceiling.  We could do a whole session just in the old, creeky, vibrantly-lit through stained glass window stairway leading to the second floor. It feels like a space that has so much history, and the lighting is always gorgeous.

We are so grateful to work with people like Kira. She dapples in photography herself, and collaborating with her on this session was a dream. We first met her and Drew during their engagement session a few months prior and we bonded right away over clothes and a mutual love for the Marigny and Bywater area of New Orleans. She and Drew live in Atlanta so New Orleans is the perfect weekend getaway spot for them.

Their wedding was also at this gorgeous and historic New Orleans location (complete with a festive second line of course) so we were lucky enough to shoot at this gorgeous location twice for them.  Kira’s bridal session gave us a great opportunity to talk about lighting and photo details for the wedding day while being in the space together, listening to good music, and getting some moody portraits of her in her bridal ensemble.  We can’t wait to share more from their wedding day but for now, here are a few of our favorite images from Kira’s Marigny Opera House bridal session: