Cassie and Hunter’s Yosemite elopement was one we will never forget.

Yosemite holds a special place in our hearts, & going back there to photograph Cassie + Hunter’s Yosemite Elopement was so special to us.  After an extremely windy Sutro Baths couple’s session the day before, the four of us drove through the night to their cabin neighborhood in the woods.  We were all surprised to realize that it was the same neighborhood that we used for our own wedding, but since it was a little earlier in the year, everything looked completely different.  Their cabin backed up to the sweetest stream running through the woods surrounded by mountains.  We continued finding beautiful pockets of scenery that we didn’t even know existed the last time we were there.  Yosemite is such a romantic place & we fell even more in love with it while exploring with Cassie & Hunter.

It’s no surprise that the landscape there was absolutely breathtaking, but being around Cassie & Hunter & seeing how much love they have for one another was even more beautiful.  On the morning of their wedding, the rain didn’t stop, but they didn’t care.  They had each other & they were getting married.

I spent the morning helping Cassie with her bouquet and talking about love (we both got a little teary eyed).  Thad helped Hunter with his bowtie & the two of them took a short hike to the stream so that Hunter could write his vows to Cassie.  We were all in the same cabin so we were super careful not to cross paths.  Cassie got dressed outside & they shared a sweet first look right behind their cabin.  A few tears & sweet moments later, & we were off to El Capitan Meadow to meet Carrol, their officiant.

We all walked out onto the meadow, & picked a spot for them to promise forever.  Carrol was the sweetest officiant.  She took the time to listen to the story of how they met, & even shed a few tears herself during the ceremony.  The mountain mist continued to fill the air, but about halfway through their sweet ceremony, the rain started to fall.  Cassie & Hunter are the type of people to not let the rain stop them.  I actually think they kind of loved it.  They finished out their ceremony in the rain, careful not to soak their marriage certificate.  We said our goodbyes to Carrol & the two of them danced their first dance in the rain, surrounded by the Yosemite giants.


This blog post would not be complete without a few bloopers from the day.  Guys, that snow was soooo slippery.  We had the best time hiking that afternoon, partly because it was was so beautiful, but mostly because I’m not sure any of us had laughed quite that hard (at each other) in a very long time.  We also met two girls that ended up hiking/getting lost with us who got to watch us shoot a large portion of the day after session.

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