Thad and I took one of our first trips to Austin together about a year and a half ago.  Thad had just started doing photography with me and we knew that Austin was the perfect opportunity to photograph a couple in a new location.  We posted about our trip on instagram and through a friend of a friend, we met Alexis and Matt.  We spent that afternoon, walking around the Greenbelt and taking photos of the two of them, talking about how cool the city of Austin is.  We left that session with two new friends, and we kept in touch over the next year or so.  Then one day, we saw on social media that they got engaged!  Of course I secretly had my fingers crossed that they would contact us again for photography-  and we were so excited when they did.

We all brainstormed location ideas around Austin, and when I found out about Pedernales Falls, I knew that it would be a great one. We parked our cars and hiked down to the lookout, and it was even more beautiful than we could have expected.  Once again, we were all exploring a new place together and photographing the two of them and their two fur babies who were extra excited to explore this new place.

Side note: For MONTHS Thad and I talked about how bad we wanted to try authentic ramen.  We had the opportunity to try some once in Los Angeles, but we ended up not taking the time to go, and we both regretted it a little.  We planned to go have dinner with Alexis and Matt after the session and we were so happy when she suggested her favorite ramen place.  Turns out, real ramen is delicious.  If you are ever near Austin, check out “Ramen Tatsu-Ya”.

Alexis and Matt: you guys rock.  Thank you again for showing us how cool Austin is and for being so adventurous and so much fun to photograph.