Megan + Eulogio | Winter North Carolina Wedding

We have been so excited to share this winter North Carolina wedding.

Megan + Eulogio’s North Carolina cabin wedding was one for the books.  We knew these two would be amazing to work with from the start.  Not only was their in-home engagement session a first for us, but so was their intimate destination wedding.  Thad and I drove to Sapphire the night before the wedding, and we were completely blown away by the landscape.  Megan and Eulogio’s families were all staying together in a gorgeous cabin, and we felt welcomed by them right away.   Megan said that when they first got engaged she wanted their wedding to be like a family reunion where friends who are practically family show up and we happen to get married while we’re all there.  Eulogio wanted snow, and they both got what they wanted.  Everything about this wedding was so intimate and personal.  From the two of them baking their own cakes, to Megan’s friends helping each other with hair and makeup, to family members cooking all the food, everyone pitched in to make this time special for them.

Megan’s describes the day as “so perfectly us”.  They spent the morning looking for Eulogio’s lost wallet, arrived at the clerk’s office later than planned, and scrambled to finish writing their vows in the car on the way back.  She loved that the ceremony wasn’t a big production or show.  She never felt like a “bride” with a groom accessory, and she loved being announced as Megan and Eulogio Salazar-Merriman (they hyphenated their last names to a family name.) She loved jumping up and down together in the snow after the ceremony.  Eulogio’s favorite part was when it started snowing as they were walking out.  He loved how intimate and emotional the ceremony was, and he loved to actually spend time with everyone at the dinner afterwards.  It was so special to him that everyone contributed to the wedding and reception in some way.   Their friends and family made it all happen.

Here are a few of our favorites from Megan + Eulogio’s winter North Carolina wedding:

North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0195 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0203North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0196 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0198 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0199 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0210North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0202 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0201North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0204 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0205 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0206 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0207 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0211North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0209 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0213 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0215 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0212North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0214North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0216 Winter_Mountain_Wedding_0217 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0218 Winter_Mountain_Wedding_0226North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0220 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0222 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0225 Winter_Mountain_Wedding_0208North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0230Winter_Mountain_Wedding_0228North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0274Winter_Mountain_Wedding_0227North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0278 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0275North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0232 Winter_Mountain_Wedding_0233 Winter_Mountain_Wedding_0234 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0235 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0236 Winter_Mountain_Wedding_0238 Winter_Mountain_Wedding_0239 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0240 Winter_Mountain_Wedding_0241 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0237North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0242 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0246North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0244 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0243 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0248 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0249 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0250 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0252North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0251 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0254 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0255 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0256 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0257 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0258 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0259 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0260 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0263North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0262 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0264 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0266 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0267 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0268 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0269 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0265North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0270 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0271 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0272 North_Carolina_Cabin_Wedding_0273



GUYS! This is really really beautiful!

Thanks man! We had so much fun for this wedding!