Caleb + Victoria’s ranch engagement session was such a blast.  Victoria knew she wanted to take her engagement photos in a place that meant a lot to her and Caleb, and they decided to take them on a beautiful piece of property that her and Caleb spend a lot of time at.  The ranch is such a special place to them and it reflects how they met.

      Here’s their sweet little love story told by Victoria:

      “He was taking me to meet my family and friends at a restaurant for lunch on my birthday and bypassed the road he was supposed to take…. He continued to drive out to a beautiful lake, where he asked me to be his girlfriend all those years ago. Once we arrived at the lake we stepped out to go stand in “our place” as we have in the past. And beyond my wildest dreams I saw him begin to get down on one knee in the same exact spot that he had once asked for me to become his girlfriend…….and he then asked for me to now be his wife ;)) I had such a rush of emotion and joy in my heart!! I was definitely crying with tears of joy as I said “YES!” Such a meaningful place to the both of us bc it’s where it all began.”