Tara + TylerMaison De Tours

Tyler and Tara said I do with a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their friends and family from all over the world.  Their love story is a special one and we wanted to let you all hear their versions of it.
His Story:
“Tara and I became very close friends when we were both freshmen in college. The baseball field at UL and the tennis courts are right next to each other, so I would always wait around the field in order to “accidentally” run into Tara on the way to the training room or the weight room. We remained close friends throughout college, but lost contact when she moved back to Canada after graduation. 
We rekindled our relationship like any other couple; over a tweet about an Old Tyme Po-Boy. Responding to a tweet about her craving for an Old Tyme PO-Boy, turned into a 14-hour trip to watch her train for her professional tennis tournaments. After dating for a year, while traveling back and forth to Toronto, I decided that she was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
I made a trip to Toronto on the Fourth of July with a ring in my pocket and knots in my stomach. The day finally came when I proposed to her on a set of rocks near the beach. The same beach that we had spent many nights before watching fireworks and talking about the future to come. Like any good surprise, I needed some help, and luckily her two amazing friends Deborah and Sara were willingly to be my photographers for the afternoon. From the moment I proposed, my love for Tara has grown exponentially with every day that passes.” 
Her Story: 
“Tyler and I’s relationship sounds like something from a romantic comedy – after a failed attempt to date in college, a whirl wind romance was rekindled over a tweet about a Po-Boy sandwich. We can’t make this stuff up. Both Tyler and I were student-athletes at ULL, and seemed to be in many of the same circles – we developed a strong friendship around our love for Outkastand Will Ferrell movies that lasted until graduation. While I was playing professional tennis after College, we made a long distance relationship work through thousands of FaceTime calls and too many plane trips to count. Almost exactly a year after Tyler’s first trip to Toronto, he not-so-sneakily commission my best friends Deborah and Sara to ambush his proposal at the Kew Garden’s beach in the city. It was perfect.
Our wedding was the most magical night of my life. Having our families come together from all corners of the world made it feel like a dream. From the incredible food, to the authentic venue, the vibe of our wedding was one of a kind and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Not to mention, we got to cheers to our marriage with sweet potato biscuits.”


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Venue: Maison De Tours
Florist:  Nicole Latiolais Veillon
Hair and Makeup:  Bleu Hair and Makeup Studio
Wedding Dress:  Ritche Bridal
Catering: Social Southern Table & Bar
Cake: Natasha Ponder
Favors: Cochon Cannery
Music:  DJ Brandy Frederick