Jen and Kevin just moved from their sweet little home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to New Orleans for Kevin to attend school here. Being in a somewhat similar situation ourselves, it was especially sweet to photograph them in this transition.  A little over a month ago, Thad and I moved to New Orleans from Lafayette to expand our careers.  The move has been nothing but positive for us, and we were excited to hear that we would all be living in the same city together.

Moving can be bittersweet and we just so happened to photograph them on their last day in the house.  Most of their furniture and belongings had already been relocated to NOLA, making their house an open airy place to photograph in.  We talked about all the things they loved and appreciated about their Baton Rouge home and the things they were excited about in their new city.

Jen and Kevin, we are so happy to be in this city with you two.  Looking forward to all of the food-centred double dates in the future!  Here are a few of their favorite images from their summer in-home session: