Thad & I met Skye at a wedding that we both worked together.  Skye did the bridal party makeup & immediately upon meeting her, I knew she was a creative person & the kind of person we would want to be friends with.  When they contacted us to shoot their wedding, we couldn’t be more excited.  Skye & I talked a lot about what kind of engagement session she wanted & she made it very clear from the beginning that she wanted something different & she was giving us full creative control.  We decided to go with an urban engagement session.  Skye & Reggie were so enthusiastic about letting us try whatever crazy weird harsh light/creepy alleyway/rooftop ideas that we had.  Thad & I were on cloud nine for this session.

      Reggie & Skye have such a sweet & caring relationship.  They cultivate creativity in each other & just being around them for these couple of hours, we could tell that their relationship is one of constant support.  Here’s Skye’s recap of how Reggie proposed:

      “Reggie and I have know each other since middle school and started dating in high school. We have always known we would be together forever, but had talked about the possibility of never marrying. It was something that seemed unimportant to Reggie, and I knew he wanted us to stay together so I had finally come to the conclusion it wasn’t going to happen and I was ok with that as long as we were together. A couple of months after our 7 year anniversary, we planned our annual beach trip to Florida with a couple we are good friends with in Lafayette. The first day of the trip I constantly questioned Reggie on his plans for the night. He finally caved and told me we would each be going on dates to different restaurants and I should dress up for the evening. It seemed like any other date; Reg helped me pick out the dress I wore and we were off. When we got to the restaurant I had an overwhelming feeling something was up. We walked outside and down to the beach where a single candlelit table was waiting on us. As we began to take pictures by the ocean, Reggie pulled the hidden ring box out of his sock and asked me to spend forever with him.”

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      […] and Reggie’s classic urban wedding.  They have a style of their own and just like with their engagement session, I knew that they were up to let us try new things with their […]