Sarah + David | New Orleans Chicory Wedding

We are so excited to share Sarah and David’s downtown New Orleans Chicory wedding.

Thad and I have been excited to shoot this wedding since Sarah and David inquired about it. David is from Pennsylvania so they wanted their New Orleans wedding to feature the best parts of New Orleans at the Chicory. lots of fun, lots of dancing, mardi gras beads, and delicious food. The two were surrounded by their friends and family in a beautiful ceremony followed by a celebration of their love.

Here’s how he proposed:

“David agreed to take me to Paris if I agreed to go to Amsterdam. We arrived in Paris on a Friday after taking an overnight flight which we didn’t sleep on, but we decided we’d sleep when we were dead since we were in Paris. We didn’t make any plans. We didn’t even book our hotels until we arrived in Paris. We started off with a cappuccino, made our way to grab some food, and then enjoyed the rest of our evening having wine with the locals along the Seine River. It had even pour down raining, but no one seemed to care. We decided to start walking back to our hotel once it was dark. As we were crossing the Pont Alexandre III bridge, we noticed the Eiffel Tower was lit up, so I stopped to take photos. I heard Dave call my name, so I turned around. There he was holding the ring, and then asked me to marry him. He had the ring in his pocket the entire day and was just waiting on the perfect moment. I think he did pretty well!”

“As far as the favorite parts of the wedding day… My favorite part was finally getting to see Dave. He’s my best friend, so I always look to him for comfort, which is exactly what I felt the minute we joined hands at the altar. He said that his favorite part was finally getting to see me and how beautiful I was walking down the isle. My other favorite parts were being able to enjoy the day with my closest friends and family, and likewise for Dave. He really enjoyed his morning bowling with the guys. He said the whole day for him was so relaxing and ran smoothly. He especially liked opening his wedding gift. He was totally shocked and said it’s such a special gift for him to have forever. We loved finally having a moment to take a step back with each other and see how perfectly everything and everyone came together. Dave and I both love music and dancing, so it was great to see everyone enjoying their time on the dance floor. Another special moment was taking time to go on the roof deck for photos. It was nice to get away for a minute and take it all in. I think both of our absolute favorite part was all the love we felt on our wedding day/weekend. It was the first time our families and friends all met, so we had no clue how that would work. The love we felt alone was more than I could have ever asked for.”

Here are a few of our favorites from their New Orleans Chicory wedding day:

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