Sam + MaxBanff Couple Session

Thad and I dreamed of traveling to Canada together for most of our relationship and once we got engaged we knew it would be where we would honeymoon.  Although it was obvious that the trip would be filled with lots of photography, we knew that the trip wouldn’t be complete without getting a couple of love birds in front of our camera for a Banff couple session.  We didn’t really know anyone there so our strategy was to keep our eyes peeled and just walk up to a couple and ask.  Three days into the trip, we had seen so many couples, but didn’t have the courage to ask.  On one of our last nights there, we walked into the cutest Canmore bar (which happened to be the only bar in town that would agree to make two near by Nola natives a Sazerac.)  Finally after much contemplation about which one of us would walk over first, Thad and I both walked over to their table to introduce ourselves.  That’s when we met Sam and Max, and they agreed to let us tag along on their morning Grotto hike while we took a few photos along the way.  While in Banff we were sure to check out all the lakes, peaks, and ice fields that we had seen all over instagram while researching this trip, but it was so nice to sneak away with two locals off a beaten path where the four of us were the only ones on the hike.  It’s safe to say that Thad and I were way more concerned about the bear warnings than the two of them.  We hiked along and they told us about who they were, how they met, and what they valued.  We talked a little about culture differences between Canada and ‘the States’.  Thad and I realized that sometimes the best way to meet cool new people is just to walk up and say hello.  I’m pretty sure Sam and Max’s hospitality has given us the courage to introduce ourselves to people in every new place we travel.  Hiking with locals has proven to be one of the coolest ways to explore a new place.  Thank you Sam and Max!  Here are a few of our favorites:


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  • Thad Billiot said:

    We had such a great time in Canada. We need to go back :)

  • These pics are great! We're going to Banff in June! What're some places we need to make sure we see?

  • Wow. sounds and looks like it was an awesome trip. This is so cool.

    • Caitlin said:

      Dude the trip was unbelievable!