Andres + Shelbie | Rainy Rip Van Winkle Gardens Wedding

Andres and Shelbie’s rainy Rip Van Winkle Gardens wedding is one that we won’t forget.  We’ve been lucky to know these two for a few years now.  We know a little about their family histories, their relationship history, stories about their friends, we’ve made our own memories with them- & if I’ve ever met two people who have an undeniable old soul kind of love & admiration for each other- it’s these two.

I showed up to where Shelbie was getting ready to find her reading letters from her family & each other bridesmaids complete with old stories, advice, iconic myspace profile pictures, & lots of happy tears.  Thad stayed with the guys at our house where Andres got ready & helped Shelbie’s dad get ready.  Both places were filled with love, laughter, & positive vibes.

We periodically checked the weather, knowing that the rain would come at some point.  Shelbie & Andres didn’t want to see each other before their ceremony but they did want to share a moment together to read their love letters to each other, back to back.  Shelbie read hers first, they both cried, then it was his turn.  In the middle of his letter, it started pouring.  We were worried, knowing that if either of them turned to run away, they would see each other- but Andres read louder, over the rain.  Special thanks to Katie Parris with  KParrisEvents who saved the day and magically came out of the woods with an umbrella.

Right before the ceremony started, each of their friends & close family prayed over them in a circle.  Shelbie walked down the aisle to Andres with her parents, & Andres saw his girl for the first time that day.  For a solid 5 minutes after walking out of their ceremony, they laughed & hugged & wiped each others tears without saying a word, & without taking their eyes off of each other.

Here are a few of our favorite images from Andres + Shelbie’s rainy Rip Van Winkle Gardens wedding:

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oh. my. gosh. Caitlin & Thad— your photos got me right in the feels. These are incredible.

Congrats Shelbie & Andres!!!