Rachel + AlexBaton Rouge Wedding

Alex and Rachel met at work in New Orleans.  About a year later, in the Fall of 2013, Alex asked Rachel out on a date, and they went to see a show at the Civic Theater.  That first date set the stage for great things to come.  Alex officially captured Rachel’s heart when for Christmas that year he gave her tickets to see the Nutcracker, and they haven’t let go of each other since.

On September 18th, 2015, Alex told Rachel they needed to go back to the Civic Theater (Where it all began!) to pick up tickets for an upcoming show. Once inside the theater he took her up to the balcony where they sat on their first date, got down on one knee, and proposed. Right after Rachel said “YES!” the curtain in the theater went up to reveal their friends and family on stage to celebrate the wonderful occasion .

Their wedding day was filled with family, friends, and so much love.  Rachel’s favorite part of the day was when they held hands around the door and reading their letters to each other. She was nervous before the ceremony and as soon as she held his hand she felt so much peace and excitement to marry him.  Alex’s favorite part of the day was seeing Rachel at the end of the aisle, and he had the sweetest reaction when those church doors opened.  I think everyone’s heart melted when Alex held his hand over his heart as she walked down the aisle.  They shared vows and said I do.  I LOVE that they gave Thad and I lots time after the ceremony to take pictures of the two of them alone.  Once that was finished, they headed to the LSU Faculty Club to dance the night away with Souled Out.  They finished off the night with a District Donut late night snack and a sparkler send-off.

Wedding Planner: Southern Fete
Florist:  Plantation Florist
Wedding Cake:  Ambrosia Bakery
Groom’s Cake:  Twin’s Burgers and Sweets
Ceremony Location:  University United Methodist Church
Reception Venue and Catering:  The LSU Faculty Club
Transportation: Distinct Limousine Service, LLC
Ceremony Musicians: Ryan Miller and Magnolia Strings
Videographer:  Highrise Productions
Band:  Souled Out
Hair/Makeup:  Beauty by Victoria

Here are a few favorites from their Baton Rouge Wedding:

Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0003 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0004 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0005 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0006 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0007 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0008 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0009 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0010 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0011 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0012 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0013 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0014 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0015 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0016 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0017  Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0019  Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0021 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0022 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0023 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0024 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0025 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0026 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0020Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0027 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0028 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0029 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0030 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0031Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0082 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0083 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0084 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0032 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0033 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0034 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0035 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0037Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0036  Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0038  Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0040 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0039Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0041 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0042 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0043 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0044 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0045 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0046 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0047 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0048 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0049 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0050 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0051 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0052 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0053 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0054 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0055 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0056 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0057 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0058 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0059 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0060 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0061 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0062 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0063 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0064 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0065 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0066 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0067 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0068 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0069 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0070 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0071 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0072 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0073 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0074 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0075 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0076 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0077 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0078 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0079 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0080 Baton_Rouge_Wedding_0081