Pam + Ian

Venue: The Wolff Ballroom
FOOD/Beverage: Abacus
Hair and makeup: Joie De Vivre (Katie and Madeline)
Flowers: Les Amis Flowerland
Music: Aaron Lane Entertainment
Wedding Cake:Crystal Weddings
Grooms’ cakes: Indulge

Pam and Ian are two beautiful people that we got to work with this year.  I can go on and on about them and their wedding day, but I’d rather let Pam tell you the story.  So here’s Pam and Ian’s story told by Pam:

“At 16, I began a book of letters to my future husband. In it wrote, “I don’t know who you are or even what you might look like, but I have been praying for you.” I prayed that God would work in His perfect design a man that would bring a lasting love and friendship; he would father our children and I would bring him joy all the days of his life. I continued to write in that book for years and I had the privilege of figuring out who that man would be sometime in the fall of 2011; the year I met my sweet Ian.

Like most things you anticipate as a young girl, my wedding day was planned to be perfect. After all, I began rehearsing at age 6. Then, it was Barbie dolls and all of Barbie’s friends waiting around a red convertible car for the grand exit. The months preparing were similar for Ian and I. We selected our wedding party, chose the vendors, colors, flowers, and paid attention to the smallest of details. For months leading up to the wedding, I decided that although the minor aspects didn’t compare to the marriage itself, I still found myself drowning in DIYs and to-do lists: all things that I happily wanted to complete. But, like most things in life, nothing will go absolutely smoothly.

Two nights before the wedding, I was graced with a stomach virus that I believed could have potentially put a halt to all of our plans. My friends and family took over the decorating and remaining lists like champs. I was devastated that I was so sick and couldn’t experience all that I thought that this time would bring, but somewhere in the middle of my second bag of IV fluid, on the eve of our wedding, I had the gentle reminder of a 16 year old girl’s heart’s desire. I was reminded of my letters and after all these years, God was granting that little girl’s wish. In His perfect timing, He sent Ian.

Our wedding could have been planned to a tee but a perfect moment doesn’t come from a garden rose or a peony… It came in the quiet, cool breeze of that October day; the sound of “Sea of Love” playing, reminding me of the first dance we shared. It was in the giggles of my bridesmaids as we quickly snapped pictures and hid from Ian and his groomsmen. It was my mama coming to give me one last hug and the squeeze of my daddy’s hand. The intimacy I felt surrounded by our closest friends and family in that small garden in Washington, Louisiana is what made the moments truly something to treasure. Many believe that you can create the perfect wedding if you have enough time and resources but I now see that would be impossible. Your “perfect” will not come in the planning, it will be in all the little in betweens and in the peace that rushes over you when you realize that you have found your future.”