Thad and I made a tradition a few years ago to plan trips together instead of buying each other Christmas or birthday gifts, but somehow Thad always surprises me with the sweetest, most thoughtful surprises. Since Thad went full time, I always write our to-do work list for the week in a notebook that keeps me very organized. I am & always will be a pen & paper type gal (for most things). Thad is the opposite- he does EVERYTHING on the computer- but he started to get the hang of my paper to-dos, & even started jotting down a few things of his own. Right around Christmas time, he put a small package under the tree & said it was just a really simple little surprise for me to open on Christmas day. I convinced him to let me open it a little early & it was two field not 56-week planners. Now I know that for some this may not sound like much, but I know a few of you can relate to the excitement of starting a new planner at the beginning of the year, especially one that lets you fill in every detail, & even tear out mess up pages. I honestly couldn’t have come up with a more thoughtful gift from my tech-savvy, everything on the computer, google drive loving guy.

      The first page of the planner seemed like a good spot to write down a few ‘2016 goals’. New Year is my favorite holiday, & I had already been coming up with some personal, but mostly photography related goals. One of them was to shoot more personal shoots. I even jotted down some brainstorms of shoots that I wanted to try out. The photography industry is filled with so much talent & inspiration. It’s hard to be constantly influenced by the people you look up to. A favorite of ours has always been Ben Sasso. He constantly pushes himself forward by challenging himself in pretty specific ways, & he’s all about creating community over competition in the industry saying that ‘we are all in this together’. He did a few shoots focusing on entirely close up shots of couples, & I figured this would be great practice for us. Our friends Pam & Ian were happy to help. They came over, we shot close, & here’s what we came up with:

      Lafayette in home session_0126 Lafayette in home session_0127 Lafayette in home session_0128 Lafayette in home session_0129 Lafayette in home session_0130 Lafayette in home session_0131 Lafayette in home session_0132 Lafayette in home session_0133 Lafayette in home session_0134 Lafayette in home session_0135 Lafayette in home session_0136 Lafayette in home session_0137 Lafayette in home session_0138 Lafayette in home session_0139 Lafayette in home session_0140 Lafayette in home session_0141 Lafayette in home session_0142 Lafayette in home session_0143 Lafayette in home session_0144 Lafayette in home session_0145 Lafayette in home session_0146 Lafayette in home session_0147 Lafayette in home session_0148 Lafayette in home session_0149 Lafayette in home session_0150 Lafayette in home session_0151 Lafayette in home session_0152 Lafayette in home session_0153 Lafayette in home session_0154 Lafayette in home session_0155 Lafayette in home session_0156 Lafayette in home session_0157


      This was such a wonderful experience for Ian and I. Thank you for creating lasting memories. 😘

      this is absolutely beautiful! each and every image is simply stunning! <3 inspirational!

      Thank you Christy 🙂

      So lovely and inspirational❤

      Thank you Katie! Inspiration is all over the place <3