Oregon is so beautiful.  It might just be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and we were surrounded such great people.

      So Thad & I went on an amazing trip a few weeks ago.  We attended a wedding & portrait photography workshop by four of our favorites in the industry & learned a TON of information that we are slowly putting into practice.  It’s so amazing to surround yourself with people who inspire you & that’s exactly what this trip was about.   We met so many inspiring photographers.  From the amazing waterfalls, rivers, & streams at the gorge to Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Cape Kiwanda, foggy hills & evergreen trees, this trip was one that I will always remember.   I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to travel & plan on making it a priority in my life as much as I possibly can.  Here are a few of our favorite photographs from our Oregon Adventures.

      Portland_Oregon_0001 Portland_Oregon_0002Portland_Oregon_0004Portland_Oregon_0003Portland_Oregon_0004Portland_Oregon_0005Portland_Oregon_0006Portland_Oregon_0007Portland_Oregon_0008Portland_Oregon_0009Portland_Oregon_0010Portland_Oregon_0011Portland_Oregon_0012Portland_Oregon_0013Portland_Oregon_0014Portland_Oregon_0015Portland_Oregon_0016Portland_Oregon_0017Portland_Oregon_0018Portland_Oregon_0019Portland_Oregon_0020Portland_Oregon_0021Portland_Oregon_0022Portland_Oregon_0023Portland_Oregon_0024Portland_Oregon_0025Portland_Oregon_0026Portland_Oregon_0027Portland_Oregon_0028
      Huge thanks to Phil Chester, Ryan Muirhead, Dylan & Sara, & all of the Photocoterie photographers who made this workshop so memorable.  We are so inspired by all of you.  Can’t wait to soak in everything I’ve learned and see how much everyone will grow after all of our time together!