Morgan + Zac’s Dripping Springs wedding was filled with family, friends, laughter, and pandas.  (Morgan loves Pandas).  They were laid back and excited to share this day with the people they loved most on a warm summer day at a venue that reflected their personalities so well.  We loved working with them.  They gave us full trust over pictures and their families made us feel so welcome all day.  Their whole day was so relaxed and fun.

      Here’s their love story told by Morgan:

      “Zac and I met during undergrad at LSU (Geaux Tigers!). We lived at the same apartment complex so we would hang out pool parties or with mutual friends. Eventually he started taking over my study spots (because all I did was go to football games and study) so we could hang out more and discovered my panda obsession. When someone accepts your panda obsession, you don’t let that person go!  Our first date was a concert at the Varsity Theater in 2011. He proposed the day after Christmas in 2014 near my parents house (I was completely surprised!) with an a book he made called “The Adventures of Morgan and Zac”. It was filled with pictures of us and the ring was tied in the back!”

      Morgan and Zack really loved their entire wedding day and that’s exactly how a wedding day should be.  Here’s what they had to say about their wedding day:

      Morgan:  “The entire day was my favorite part! I got to have a dance party with my best friends, finally married my favorite dude, and our whole family was there to help celebrate! It was also pretty awesome that Zac and I got to have a few minutes to ourselves after the ceremony to just hang out with each other (and eat a full meal) before hitting the dance floor. I don’t think my smile left my face once the whole day!”

      Zac:  “The entire day was eventful! I never forget seeing Morgan walk down the aisle even though I was quite nervous. Seeing family and friends all together under one roof was an awesome sight as well. If I had to choose one moment as my favorite, it would be when we left the site and on the way to the hotel after the reception because Morgan was falling asleep with a smile ingrained on her face. I never forget it.” 

      Venue – Ma Maison
      Flowers – Texas Blooms
      Catering – Pink Avocado
      Grooms Attire – J Crew

      and lots of DIY decor/centerpieces

      Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0001 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0002 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0003 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0004 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0005 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0006 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0013Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0007 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0008 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0009 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0010 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0011 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0012  Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0014 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0015 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0016 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0017 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0018 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0019 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0020 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0021 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0022 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0023 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0024 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0025 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0026 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0027 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0028 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0029 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0030 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0031 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0032 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0033 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0034 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0035 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0036 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0037 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0038 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0039 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0040 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0041 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0042 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0043 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0044 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0046 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0047 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0048 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0049 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0050 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0051 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0052 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0053 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0054 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0055 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0056 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0057 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0058 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0059 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0060 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0061 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0062 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0063 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0064 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0065 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0066 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0067 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0068 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0069 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0070 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0071 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0072 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0073 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0074 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0075 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0076 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0077 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0078 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0079 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0080 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0081 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0082 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0083 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0084 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0085 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0086 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0087 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0088 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0089 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0090 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0092 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0093 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0094 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0095 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0096 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0097 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0098 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0099 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0100 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0101 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0102 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0103 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0104 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0105 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0106 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0107 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0108 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0109 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0110 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0111 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0112 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0113 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0114 Dripping_Springs_Wedding_0115