It’s no secret that Thad and I love to travel.  Part of that reason is because we love nature & landscapes so much.  Although we get so excited to see new places, we often take for granted the beautiful scenery thats within an hour of our own house.  Jungle Gardens has so much of Louisiana’s best nature:  Oak trees, waterways, tropical plants, etc.  Add a sweet, beautiful, fun-loving bride to the mix & you just can’t go wrong.

      We first met Michelle and Tobey at a wedding we shot a few months ago & I remember telling Thad how much fun it was to see how much fun they were having.  (I also commented about how much I loved the dress Michelle was wearing).  Michelle & Tobey are swing dancers so it’s so much fun to watch them dance.  Thad & I were so curious to see what wedding dress she would pick out because we figured she would pick something she could swing dance in.

      As soon as Michelle walked out in it, she spun around in a circle & told us that it was a ‘spin dress’.  We loved it so much & I couldn’t wait to photograph her spinning around.  After our first stop down the Jungle Gardens road, we asked her to spin.  Michelle and I got so excited after that first spot that we hugged each other & jumped in a circle.  (As soon as we got in the car Thad expressed how funny that moment was).

      We spent the afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather and exploring the gardens all while Michelle happily spun around a thousand times for us.  Before exiting I told her that I always wanted to try a few pictures right at sunset on the road before the entrance to the gardens.  They happily pulled over on the side out of the car & we jumped out to grab a few more shots before realizing that the moon was out.  The moon was so big & bright that evening that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to finish off her session with the moon.

      Here are a few of our favorite images from Michelle’s Jungle Gardens bridal session.


      These are beautiful!! Also, really fun to view!!