Meryl and Jeremy’s Maui wedding was such an honor to be a part of.

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about when we feel most inspired and how inspiration affects everything we shoot.  Relationships are the driving force for us.  There was so much about Meryl + Jeremy’s Maui wedding that made us excited – the beautiful scenery, Meryl’s awesome dress and flowers, the whales that were jumping out of the water as they promised forever to each other, but there was something even more special about this whole week, and that was the people we got to meet through them.  We got to spend the week with people who meant the most to them. Meryl’s mom told me throughout the engagement journey that we would be family by the time it was all done, and they treated us like family from the moment we stepped onto the bus with them that took us to the New Orleans airport.  We heard stories of when Meryl was a baby from her Mom, and we heard Jeremy tell one of his closest friends that he knew something was special about Meryl the moment he saw her.  We watched Meryl’s father tear up when he saw her for the first time, and watched her Dad work diligently all week to make sure everyone had a wonderful time on the trip.  We watched Jeremy’s parents dance in celebration of their son marrying his soul mate, and we shared some first time experiences with some of their closest friends.  By the time the wedding day came, we truly felt like family, which made this day even more meaningful for us to photograph.

Here are some words from Meryl:

“How do I even begin to describe our wedding day?  The entire day was pure magic, from getting glammed up by my best friend and sisters, to opening the gift that my mother-in-law gave me of my sweet little pup Tanner, to dancing the night away in paradise with my new husband all top the charts of favorite moments. However, if I had to pick just one moment that would be the mecca of all moments, it would be walking down the aisle into the arms of the most amazing and handsome man I’ve ever met (I mean did you see him?  Standing up there looking like a million bucks with tears rolling down his face-  I almost melted).  It was every bit of the fairytale I had always imagined it to be and I’m so honored to have had the people who we adore most there with us to celebrate.”

Here are some words from Jeremy:

“My favorite part of the day was seeing Meryl for the first time and watching her walk down the aisle and remembering everything it took for us to get us to that point.  The highlight reel of the last six years was so clear in my head that I couldn’t hold back my emotions.”


Slideshows are always something we’ve been interested in, and we put together this slideshow of some memorable moments of their day.