Jungle gardens engagements are always so peaceful and fun.

Meryl & Jeremy are such a blast to be around.  I knew we could all be friends after we decided to discuss their wedding photography over old fashioneds at Pour (which happens to be their favorite drink, too) & we cannot wait to celebrate with them & shoot their wedding in Maui, Hawaii.  Meryl wanted to go somewhere scenic for their engagement session, but she wanted their love to shine through.  We explored jungle gardens & shared a few laughs.  It’s pretty easy to see how much fun & love that the two of them share, & their sweet little dog is as cute as a button.

Here’s the story of how they met:

“Jeremy and I met on his birthday 8 years ago. If you let Jeremy tell the story he would tell you that I kept staring at him from across the table. It’s true, but I was on another date with another guy so I thought I wasn’t being obvious. (I was wrong). I just remember how funny he was and his big beautiful smile. That night came and went and I wasn’t sure if I would ever see him again. Jeremy went on to play for the Tennessee Titans and came home for a break in July. We ran into each other again one weekend at the casino while I was on a family trip. From that point on things slowly started to progress and with a lot of love and dedication we grew together as a couple and have gotten through some pretty amazing milestones in life.”

Here’s how Jeremy proposed:

“If anyone knows Jeremy you know that he is not your typical guy. He won’t do something just because its expected of him even to the point where if you’re expecting it he purposefully won’t do it just to prove a point. Well after waiting 5 long years I was pretty much expecting a proposal at any moment. I knew it was coming but had NO idea when. I knew he wouldn’t do it around the holidays because that would be expected of him.
It was one of the coldest nights we’ve had all winter. Friday February 6, 2017. Jeremy wanted to grill steaks outside which was pretty typical. I thought it was a normal Friday night until I learned all of the behind the scenes after the fact. He spent all day running around making sure everything was perfect and making sure he talked to my dad and step dad before he did anything.
He was outside getting the grill ready and I was washing dishes. He came inside and walked to the bedroom, but I didn’t pay any attention. He walked back into the kitchen and got down on one knee with the ring box in tow and said BAM, Meryl Boudreaux…WILL YOU MARRY ME? I turned around and nearly dropped the pot. Through a lot of tears and shaky hands I said YES. The rest is history in the making…”

Here are a few of our favorite images from their engagement session: