Working with Meggie and Daniel over the past few months has been such an amazing experience.  From their engagement session to Meggie’s bridals, it has always been so easy to see how excited they were about their South Louisiana wedding day and how excited they were to start their lives together.
      There were so many wonderful moments of their day but I’ll let Meggie tell you about her favorite parts of the day:
      “Probably the best decision of the whole sha-bang was deciding to do a first look. The fact that my macho man husband cried when he saw me in my dress was a vision that will be ingrained into my memory forever. My stomach was in knots all day, but seeing Dan before the ceremony made all my butterflies go away. My number one favorite part of the day was when you and Thad left us alone on the staircase to have some true alone time. We prayed together, and were able to have a special moment before the craziness for just the two of us. Thank you for giving us that moment! It was incredible.
      Another favorite of the day was walking down the aisle toward Dan. It was the weirdest feeling because I felt like I had blinders on. The only person I could see coming down the aisle was Daniel. I had plans to smile at my mom and at Dan’s parents, but I couldn’t look away. I wanted run down that aisle!  During the mass our priest, Father Andre’, gave the most beautiful homily. He spoke so genuinely and said such nice things about us. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but I remember crying the whole mass. It was just all so beautiful and I know God was with us in that moment as we became husband and wife.
      One of the most fun parts of the day was when Dan finally saw my bridal picture at the reception! His reaction to my bridals taken in Gibson was PRICELESS! He was truly surprised and so excited that I did that for him. I remember him hugging me so tight that I couldn’t breathe.  (Meggie took her bridal pictures on some beautiful property that her and Dan plan to build a house on soon.  The property is very special to Dan and she knew that it would mean the world to him to have her bridals done there.

      Our reception was PERFECTION. We danced the night away under a clear top tent. People are still telling me that we had the most fun wedding they’ve ever been to. Our band kept everyone on the dance floor all night despite the freezing weather. When 12:30 came around and it was time for everyone to leave, the crowd started chanting, “ONE MORE SONG!” No one wanted the night to end!  The ending to our reception was so much fun too. We did a confetti toss, and I had confetti in my nose, in my mouth, and in my dress! We are still finding pieces of confetti around our house! It was worth it though, because we got some great pictures out of it.”


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      Hair and Makeup- Braylin Cheramie, Paige McMillan, and Beth Danos did the bridesmaids. My bridesmaid, Jamie Chiasson did my hair and makeup.
      Getting ready location- Dansereau House Bed and Breakfast; Thibodaux, LA (girls); Daniel’s uncle’s house (guys)
      Florist – Bayou Florist; Galliano, LA
      Reception/Caterer- Ellendale Country Club; Houma, LA
      Ceremony- St. Genevieve Catholic Church; Thibodaux, LA
      Band- Souled Out
      Decorator- TaDah Event Decorators; Thibodaux, LA