There’s just something about shooting an in home engagement session that really just get’s us so inspired.  We love for engagement sessions to be a way that couples make memories.  One of our goals for engagement sessions is for our clients to look at their pictures years later and say “Remember that day? We had so much fun!”  Kerri and Marcus always have fun together, and Thad and I have so much fun every time we are around them.  We kept brainstorming location ideas, then Kerri told me that they just bought their first house together and were renovating it.  It sounded like the perfect location for their pictures and we couldn’t wait!  Marcus and Kerri are hilarious.  They love to laugh, they love each other, and they love to have fun.  I asked them to send me the story of how they met, and they both sent very different recounts.

      Here’s Kerri’s story of the day they met:

      “First and foremost, it is all because of Thad.  We met on Halloween weekend one night when him and Thad went out together.  Marcus isn’t one to be vocal and social so he was sitting at the bar by himself and Thad was standing close by.  I talked to Thad for a little while and was curious who this cute random guy was that was sitting next to him so I walked up and introduced myself and that’s how it all began.  I know Marcus will have a slightly different story for you.”

      Well she was right.  Here’s Marcus’s story.

      “It all started one weekend when Thad and I went to legends to grab a few brewskis and hang out with our friend AJ.  Thad’s friends Lindsey and Kerri happened to be out the same night.  While I was minding my own business watching the game, the latter of the two friends came up to me and said “Who are you?” and proceeded to chug my freshly opened fat tire and then tells me how gross it was.  In that moment I was appalled at her behavior, 😉 but being the reasonable gentleman that I am I introduced myself to her and got to know her a little better throughout the night.  We ended up leaving that bar and going to a different bar where they used us to pay for another round of drinks and then after finishing the new drinks they left without even saying thank you or goodbye.  And that was the moment I knew.. She was the woman for me. <3 “

      Obviously Marcus is quite the romantic.

      You guys are great.  I don’t think we ever stop laughing when we are with you and that’s what life’s all about.  Thank you inviting us into your new home and thank you for the ninja sword demonstrations.  We really had a blast that afternoon.