Kim + DrewJungle Gardens Engagement

When Kim first inquired with us, she told us right away that she wanted a laid-back, lighthearted, fun wedding day.  Of course this was music to my ears.  A couple days after that, I met Kim to talk wedding plans.  As it goes with any person you connect with early on, we spent about 5% of the time on wedding talk, & the rest was girl talk like we had been friends for years.  She expressed that she wanted to find a photographer who was like one of the girls & if her bridesmaids are anything like her, it should be a fun day.  We decided that their Jungle Gardens engagements should reflect their personalities:  fun, lots of laughter, a little dressed up glam, & their favorite champagne.

Here’s Kim’s story of how Drew proposed to her:

“We took his parents out to lunch as a thank you for a housewarming gift they bought us.  I knew we were going to La Fonda, but I didn’t understand why Drew was getting so dressed up.  So I followed suit & put on a long sundress & we went to lunch.  Drew barely ate his meal, which was incredibly shocking but I wasn’t suspicious.  At one point his dad, mom, & Drew all got up at separate times to “go to the bathroom” which I still didn’t think was weird.  As we exited the restaurant there was a trolly & all of our friends & family standing in front of it.  Then he proposed.  He asked if I wanted to FaceTime my mom (because she lives in Indiana) & as I was pulling out my phone, he said “or you could just say hi to her right here” & she popped out from the crowd.  When then got on the trolley & took pictures downtown in front of the Lafayette letters.  The reason we got engaged in the La Fonda parking lot is because that’s where his dad proposed to his mom.  His dad was so nervous to do it that he couldn’t wait to do it inside so he did it before they went in.”

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Kim + Drew’s Jungle Gardens engagement:

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