Kerri + MarcusCrowley Opera House Wedding

Thad and Marcus have been good friends for a few years now and I met Kerri through the two of them.  They are both such sweet friends of ours!  They even made the trek all the way out to our wedding for Marcus to walk as a groomsmen.  We’ve always had the occasional Sunday brunch with the two of them,  and I remember the brunch right after they got engaged when Marcus asked Thad to be a groomsmen and Kerri asked if I wanted to photograph the wedding.  Even though in the end, Thad ended up shooting a lot of the day with me (because he can’t help himself), I was lucky enough to get Natalie Phillips’s help for most of the day.

Here’s Kerri’s recap of her favorite part of the day:

“Marcus and I had gone back and forth a few times during our engagement about doing a first look and I think the best decision we made during this process was to do one.  The moments we had before our ceremony are the moments I will vividly remember about our wonderful day.  The way I felt during these moments is why I married Marcus.  When Marcus turned around and we saw each other for the first time on our day, I have never felt anything more real!  We were both so lost in each other and honestly just felt pure happiness.  It was so raw and genuine, and there were so many unexpected tears!  I couldn’t ask for a better image in my mind of our wedding day.  Another favorite moment that I will always cherish is during our ceremony when Marcus quickly said (scram) “I do” before it was time to say it.  Of course he was nervous and this mistake embarrassed him, but I believe it was the perfect mistake.  All of our guest and wedding party were either crying or on the verge of crying before, and after Marcus’s perfect mistake everyone busted out laughing, including myself and Marcus.  It made for a cute, fun, and memorable moment for all of us.”

Here’s what Marcus said when I asked him what his favorite part of the day was:

“Well that’s easy.. the first look!  The morning started off fine.  We woke up and ate some breakfast and went to the barbershop.  I don’t care what Thad or anyone else says but I was not freaking out.  We get to Crowley to hang out with the guys before getting ready for the first look.. still not freaking out.  Once we were ready, Thad, Natalie, and I headed over to the Opera House and walk over to the first look spot to wait.  It was at this time that I started to get a bit anxious.  We waited some more, which seemed to be a longer period of time than it really was.  Then Thad let me know that Kerri was on her way.  At this point I’m freaking out.  She walked up behind me and said “Hey Bae”, and my heart just stopped.  I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to turn around then or wait so I looked at Thad with the blank ‘What do I do look’, and I think it was Caitlin that told me that I could turn around.  Everything from this moment turned into a blur, but I can still see her as clear as day in my mind when I turned around and saw her beautiful face for the first time.  She looked amazing, even more than I was imagining she would, and in that moment, I felt weightless.”

Venue- Grand Opera House of the South in Crowley Louisiana
Hair- Katie Vincent with Joie de Vivre Salon & Spa
Makeup- Amanda Genovese Cecil
Dress, belt, & veil- BHLDN
FLorals- Petals & Pots
DJ- DJ Skitts
Caterin- Rice Palace
Cake & Cupcakes- Cisha Ledet

Here are a few of our favorite images from Marcus + Kerri’s Crowley Opera House Wedding: