It’s hard for me to put into words how meaningful it is to see the way Leif looks at Kate and how apparent their love is for each other.  After meeting Kate and Leif, it’s easy to see that their love story really is something special.  It feels like they’ve known and loved each other their whole lives.  Leif couldn’t take his eyes off of Kate.

      Leif wrote this sweet story about their journey together:

      “Kate and I met online through a dating service on I was attending my officer career course at Fort Lee, Virginia and Kate was residing in her hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. Just after receiving my assignment to Fort Polk, Louisiana, I changed my search location to West-Central Louisiana. Little did I know, I would soon meet the love of my life and the woman I have been praying for my entire life. Too nervous, and not really entirely sure how to strike up a conversation with such a beautiful girl, I resorted to my corny, yet resourceful pick up line of “Did you watch the Super Bowl last night?” Not expecting to get any response back, I just prepared myself for the inevitable and faced the idea of moving to the beloved Ft. Polk. Soon after, I received a message back, and then a Facebook request! I could not have been more ecstatic. Kate and I had our first date in March of 2015. Taking a chance on love, Kate flew up to Richmond for a weekend to meet me and we have never looked back since. An unsurmountable sense of calm Kate has, she took away all my fears and anxiety and she left my heart in peace and I felt as if my soul had found its companion. The moment I set me eyes on her, I knew she was the one my heart had been searching for my entire life. It was an unforgettable weekend. Shortly after a few weeks later, I moved to Fort Polk and began my new job. The heartache of a relationship that began with distance was soon quelled when I moved to Fort Polk and was now only 2hrs away from Lafayette. Instead of only seeing Kate through Skype and being connected by the distance of “cyberspace,” I could now physically be with her, but only on the weekends.  Knowing that a deployment to Afghanistan soon loomed in the distant future, we tried to spend every minute we could together, as we knew our time together was soon coming to an end. After a few months and a 21 day training exercise, I was soon in Afghanistan and we found ourselves apart once again. What seemed like nearly an eternity, Kate and I stayed in touch from a world away through letters, Facebook, and phone calls. Kate sent the most phenomenal care packages that raised my morale on my lowest of days.  Throughout five months of deployment, she stood by my side, waiting faithfully for my return.  Through all the tribulations of a deployment, she waited. I could not wait for that day again, where I could hold her in my arms again.  And then that day came, and once again my heart knew she was the one.”

      Kate and Leif both agreed that seeing each other for the first time as Kate walked down the aisle was their favorite part of the day.  They both instantly relaxed, and said they they don’t remember seeing anyone in the church besides each other.  Kate said that Leif was always a rock for her, and Leif said she was glistening in the sunlight before she walked down the aisle.  After the ceremony, Leif’s army friends performed a sword ceremony for Kate and Leif before they headed to their reception to be around their family and friends.

      Huge thanks also to K Parris Events!  It’s always great working with you!

      Here are a few of our favorite images from their wedding day: