Hillary and Jacob’s Cathedral wedding was a beautiful celebration of love with their family and friends.  Their ceremony was a touching one.  I’m pretty sure that everyone in the cathedral felt the love that night and the celebration to follow was a blast.  Jacob’s band even played a few songs at the reception towards the end of the night.

      Here’s Hillary’s thoughts on the journey of how they met:
      While I always knew of Jacob growing up, (because my dad was an engineer at his grandfather’s engineering firm) it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I officially met him at a retreat center in Alexandria called Maryhill.  After meeting Jacob in November of 2009, I received a parking ticket that December…and began working at that very same engineering firm to pay off the ticket.  Little did I know that my new part-time job meant that I got to work with Jacob every day, which led to long conversations after work. We had an instant connection and began dating the summer after I graduated high school and haven’t looked back!

      Jacob’s recap of how he proposed:
      After 5 years of dating Hillary, I finally worked up the courage to ask her to marry me. I knew that I wanted to ask Hillary for her hand somewhere that held a special place in our hearts. I strategically tricked Hillary to take a trip to Alexandria with me for my little brothers “soccer tournament.” I told her my made-up plan about a week before and finally on December 19th the big day had arrived. It’s safe to say I was a little bit nervous on the 90 minute drive up there. After a delicious dinner, we got in the car and began to head toward the hotel to meet my family.  Little did she know we would be taking a slight detour. As we pulled up to the chapel at Maryhill I was both excited and nervous.  I opened the door to the chapel, and an altar full of candles and photos of us came into view as music started playing (thanks to some extra sneaky work from my mom). We walked through the door with big smiles and the rest is history!

      Hillary’s Favorite part of their wedding day: It was the best day. Beginning with my best friends relaxing and enjoying our time together, and ending in a celebration with so many friends and family dancing together, I couldn’t have dreamed it better. I remember so clearly on the altar vowing to love each other forever, and having a few precious moments alone together after we spoke those vows. I could not wipe the smile off of my face (but I did wipe plenty of tears!).

      Jacob’s Favorite Part of their wedding day: It was always going to be a bit of a nervous day. Starting the day off with a round of golf with my groomsmen was a great way to ease my nerves. From that point the emotions slowly built until they finally culminated when I saw my beautiful bride walking down the aisle. It was a moment like no other. From the point that we met at the front of the church until Hillary and I exited the reception between an aisle of sparklers, everything was perfect.

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