Big Sur

      “We spend so much of our time concerned with the routine of daily living. But for a few moments every so often, we get to experience something transcendent. When we witness pure beauty, we pause, amazed. We revel in the feeling, deep and beyond words, indisputable and timeless. It leaves us breathless and fulfilled. No matter how much we think of ourselves as rational, logical human beings, we have an irresistible drive to forget reason and simply feel something spiritual.

      When you are in love, you get to grab a piece of transcendence and take it with you in your daily life. You don’t have to trek to a river valley or to the top of a mountain to feel something important and indescribable; you can feel the beauty and enormity of the mountains within your own heart. Love is enormous, and to take even a tiny piece into yourself and be able to experience and understand it is the greatest gift in the world. “

      We’ve always heard that who you surround yourself with is who you become. When I decided to go full time with photography, I had no idea what kind of people that would come into my life.  I remember thinking my whole first year that it was so strange not having co-workers to talk about work with & bounce ideas off of.  Then I met a few amazing people in my area who are all part of the wedding photography community. Erin & Blaine are two of those people.  They are a kind, creative couple who we were lucky enough to share a little California road trip starting with Big Sur.

      Erin and Blaine, thank you so much for being a constant source of inspiration to us in so many ways.  We couldn’t have picked a better team to share this adventure with and to photograph our wedding.  Here are a few of our favorite images from the first day of our California adventure.

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