Emily + TravisClark Creek

When Emily contacted me about her wedding photography, a few things went through my head. First of all, I was totally honored to have another photographer ask me to shoot her wedding.. and not just any photographer, a very awesome, super sweet, super talented photographer. I was honestly also a little nervous, too.  Then after meeting with her for the first time at a local coffee shop, I was completely INSPIRED by her vision.

Emily and Travis love the outdoors so I already knew this session would be an adventurous one. We started out the day in Travis’s pirogue which we totally almost flipped in the first 5 minutes of the session. It was a blast. We were all a little on edge, (I was honestly convinced that this thing was going to flip before it was all said and done), but it didn’t! It was so much fun to watch these two (from the land, obviously) and get some candid moments as they tried not to tip this thing over. It’s safe to say, we all laughed quite a bit. I think it was those first moments that I realized that I really wanted to be best friends with Emily and Travis. Even though they were sitting in a pirogue filled with water from the previous near-flip start, they were still full of smiles and full of affection.

After that we went to their house to change and take a small break. By this point, it really did feel like we were all friends. We hung out with her sweet little dogs, talked about their wedding plans, travel plans, and of course had a little photography convo mixed in. Then we headed out to Clark Creek for Part II of our epic engagement adventure: the hunt for the third waterfall. We hiked around and took photos along the way. Luckily, the weather was pretty much perfect. We climbed up and down huge rocks, through water, and off the main trails. It was so obvious to see how much these two cared about each other. Their love for one another shines when they are together and it was a blast to photograph them.

I could go on and on about how they met and how Travis proposed, but then this blog post would be really long so I’ll save those stories for the wedding day post.  Check out Emily’s work at: http://www.emilyrosephotog.com/ .

Here are a few favorites from their session:

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  • Christina said:

    Oh my goodness, these are so beautiful! the gorgeous engaged couple, amazing Louisiana location, and crazy talented wedding photographer is just too great of a combination! can't wait to see you work your photography magic at their wedding!