Emily RoseRace and Religious

I was so excited when Emily told me that she wanted to do her bridal session at Race and Religious.  It was definitely one of those places that I’ve always wanted to shoot at, and I knew that her dress and whole wedding ensemble would be just amazing at this location.  Race and Religious did not disappoint.  It was even more amazing in person than I could have ever imagined.  Thad and I seriously had a sensory overload while Emily was putting on her dress and we couldn’t wait to explore the location and start shooting.

Gosh I’m so glad I met this girl.  Emily is such a great flipping person inside and out.  When she contacted me about wedding photography, I was over the moon excited.  She’s an amazing photographer herself, so honestly, I was a little nervous too.  We became such good friends in the process and it felt so amazing to be a part of her wedding.  Emily is the kind of girl who just makes you want to be awesome at life.  She’s smart, funny, talented, and an AMAZING friend.

Thank you Emily for just being awesome!  I had a blast working with you and building a new friendship!  Can’t wait to show you the wedding photos.

Here are a few favorites from Emily’s Race and Religious bridal session:

Race_and_religious_0419 Race_and_religious_0420 Race_and_religious_0421 Race_and_religious_0422 Race_and_religious_0423 Race_and_religious_0425 Race_and_religious_0426 Race_and_religious_0427 Race_and_religious_0428 Race_and_religious_0429 Race_and_religious_0430 Race_and_religious_0431 Race_and_religious_0432 Race_and_religious_0433 Race_and_religious_0434 Race_and_religious_0435 Race_and_religious_0436 Race_and_religious_0438 Race_and_religious_0437Race_and_religious_0439 Race_and_religious_0440 Race_and_religious_0441 Race_and_religious_0442 Race_and_religious_0443 Race_and_religious_0444Race_and_religious_0445 Race_and_religious_0446 Race_and_religious_0447 Race_and_religious_0449 Race_and_religious_0450 Race_and_religious_0451 Race_and_religious_0452 Race_and_religious_0453Race_and_religious_0455Race_and_religious_0490RaceAndReligious-1-3-ASERace_and_religious_0459 Race_and_religious_0465Race_and_religious_0460 Race_and_religious_0457Race_and_religious_0461 Race_and_religious_0462 Race_and_religious_0463Race_and_religious_0466 Race_and_religious_0467 Race_and_religious_0468 Race_and_religious_0469 Race_and_religious_0470 Race_and_religious_0471 Race_and_religious_0472 Race_and_religious_0475 Race_and_religious_0473Race_and_religious_0476 Race_and_religious_0474Race_and_religious_0478 Race_and_religious_0479Race_and_religious_0483 Race_and_religious_0484 Race_and_religious_0480Race_and_religious_0485 Race_and_religious_0486 Race_and_religious_0487