Emily + Gus 

Emily and Gus met in high school.  She was a senior and she was a junior, and she was a counselor at his confirmation retreat.  She had butterflies the first time she met him and she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.  They started dating from there!  Soon after, Emily went off to college and even though they weren’t together four years, she says that she thought about him every day and something always reminded her of him.  They ran into each other again after college and she had that same butterfly feeling that she had years ago.  They both knew that they were meant to be in each other’s lives forever.

Emily knew that she wanted her engagement session location to be personal to their relationship, so they decided that they wanted to do a portion of the shoot on Gus’s sugarcane farm.

Here are a few of our favorite images from their session:

emilygus_0267 emilygus_0268 emilygus_0269 emilygus_0270 emilygus_0271 emilygus_0272 emilygus_0273 emilygus_0274 emilygus_0275 emilygus_0276 emilygus_0277 emilygus_0278 emilygus_0279 emilygus_0280 emilygus_0281 emilygus_0282 emilygus_0283 emilygus_0284 emilygus_0285 emilygus_0286 emilygus_0287