I briefly met Emily years ago through my good friend Wesleyann.  Since it was Emily & Caleb’s 9 year anniversary, we decided it would be a great time to get some photos of the two of them. We started out the evening grabbing chipotle pineapple mojitos at a local bar & catching up a little before heading to the shoot. Thad & Caleb talked a little about traveling & cool places they had seen & Emily & I bonded over her awesome J Crew earrings (which I’ve already ordered a pair of) & Canon cameras (she’s a photographer too). We explained to them that we really wanted to try shooting them continuously moving & they collaborated and made that new challenge so much easier for us.  With the very first frolic we photographed them on, Emily stepped on a cactus but handled it like a true warrior bada$$ (I almost fainted) & they laughed it off & continued trying every new moving “pose” idea we sent their way. We ended the session on the beach where we saw dolphins jumping in & out of the water. This was my first time actually seeing dolphins & I was so excited.

      Emily & Caleb- we had so much fun. Thank you guys for making our afternoon so memorable. We hope you had as much fun laughing, running, & splashing around as we did.


      I love these pictures and these people!! Beautiful!!