Emily and Brad’s Orangerie Wedding was whimsical, romantic, and totally dreamy.  They spent the afternoon getting ready with the people they love.  Brad helped their son, Andrew, get ready and Emily got ready with her family and friends and helped their daughter, Emma, into her sweet little ceremony dress.  It was a very special day for the four of them and for all of the people who loved them the most.  We then headed to the Orangerie for Brad and Emily’s first look.  She walked over to Brad and their little boy was beaming with excitement when he saw his mom.  Brad couldn’t take his eyes off of her either.

Emily walked down the aisle with her dad and her and Brad’s little family.  She couldn’t have had a bigger, brighter smile on her face.  Brad proudly watched them walk down the aisle, and after a sweet ceremony, they were married.

We have enjoyed working with these two from the very start.  They were so sweet to us and their love for each other and their families shines so bright.  Here are a few of our favorites from their wedding day.


Orangerie Wedding_0001 Orangerie Wedding_0002 Orangerie Wedding_0003 Orangerie Wedding_0004 Orangerie Wedding_0005 Orangerie Wedding_0006 Orangerie Wedding_0007 Orangerie Wedding_0008 Orangerie Wedding_0009 Orangerie Wedding_0010 Orangerie Wedding_0011 Orangerie Wedding_0012 Orangerie Wedding_0013 Orangerie Wedding_0014 Orangerie Wedding_0015 Orangerie Wedding_0016 Orangerie Wedding_0017 Orangerie Wedding_0018 Orangerie Wedding_0019 Orangerie Wedding_0020 Orangerie Wedding_0021 Orangerie Wedding_0022 Orangerie Wedding_0023 Orangerie Wedding_0024 Orangerie Wedding_0025 Orangerie Wedding_0026 Orangerie Wedding_0027 Orangerie Wedding_0028 Orangerie Wedding_0029 Orangerie Wedding_0030 Orangerie Wedding_0031 Orangerie Wedding_0032 Orangerie Wedding_0033 Orangerie Wedding_0034 Orangerie Wedding_0035 Orangerie Wedding_0036 Orangerie Wedding_0037 Orangerie Wedding_0038 Orangerie Wedding_0039 Orangerie Wedding_0040 Orangerie Wedding_0041 Orangerie Wedding_0042 Orangerie Wedding_0043 Orangerie Wedding_0044 Orangerie Wedding_0045 Orangerie Wedding_0046 Orangerie Wedding_0047 Orangerie Wedding_0048 Orangerie Wedding_0049 Orangerie Wedding_0050 Orangerie Wedding_0051 Orangerie Wedding_0052 Orangerie Wedding_0053 Orangerie Wedding_0054 Orangerie Wedding_0055 Orangerie Wedding_0056 Orangerie Wedding_0057 Orangerie Wedding_0058 Orangerie Wedding_0059 Orangerie Wedding_0060 Orangerie Wedding_0061 Orangerie Wedding_0062 Orangerie Wedding_0063 Orangerie Wedding_0064 Orangerie Wedding_0065 Orangerie Wedding_0066 Orangerie Wedding_0067 Orangerie Wedding_0068 Orangerie Wedding_0069 Orangerie Wedding_0070 Orangerie Wedding_0071 Orangerie Wedding_0072 Orangerie Wedding_0073 Orangerie Wedding_0074 Orangerie Wedding_0075 Orangerie Wedding_0076 Orangerie Wedding_0077 Orangerie Wedding_0078 Orangerie Wedding_0079 Orangerie Wedding_0080 Orangerie Wedding_0081 Orangerie Wedding_0082 Orangerie Wedding_0083 Orangerie Wedding_0084 Orangerie Wedding_0085 Orangerie Wedding_0086 Orangerie Wedding_0087 Orangerie Wedding_0088 Orangerie Wedding_0089 Orangerie Wedding_0090 Orangerie Wedding_0091 Orangerie Wedding_0092 Orangerie Wedding_0093 Orangerie Wedding_0094 Orangerie Wedding_0095 Orangerie Wedding_0097 Orangerie Wedding_0099


Catering – Roberto’s River Road Restaurant
Groom’s Cake – Cake Goddess
Wedding Cake – Becky Antoon

Florist – Cole’s Florist

Hair – Chantell Hebert w/ Hairphenalia
Makeup – Jessica Plaisance w/ Jessica Laine Makeup Artistry