Megan + Eulogio | Cozy In Home Engagement Session

Megan and Eulogio’s cozy in home engagement session was such a fun one for us.

When Megan first contacted me for her wedding and engagement photography, I knew I was in for a creative collaborative experience.  Megan and I were both in design at UL together and I’ve always thought of her as the kind of person that thinks outside of the box, so I knew working with her wouldn’t be any different.  The first time I met with Megan and Eulogio to talk about their engagement session, the idea of shooting it in her bedroom came up and I was so excited about this idea.  It’s always a little nerve racking to walk into something brand new, but was totally inspired by their vision and I was even more inspired by the love that these two had for one another.

The day of the session was so gloomy, which actually ended up working out in our favor.  Days like that are totally meant for snuggles and that’s exactly how we approached the session.  We were quickly greeted by Radley (the most adorable dog in all of the land) then all the snuggles began.  Even though Thad and I were literally hovering 2 feet above their heads with our cameras as they snuggled in bed, all they cared about was holding each other tight.  I can’t even begin to describe how awesome it was to capture.  After that, we headed to Moncus Park to get a few outside shots.  The weather got gloomier and gloomier but we all just went with it.

Here are a few of my favorites from Megan + Eulogio’s cozy in home engagement session:

In_home_engagement_session_0003snuggle_session_0001 Cozy in home engagement session Cozy in home engagement session Cozy in home engagement sessionCozy in home engagement session Cozy in home engagement session snuggle_session_0009 Cozy in home engagement session snuggle_session_0007snuggle_session_0011 snuggle_session_0015 snuggle_session_0014 snuggle_session_0013 snuggle_session_0012snuggle_session_0016 snuggle_session_0020 snuggle_session_0019 snuggle_session_0018 snuggle_session_0017snuggle_session_0021 snuggle_session_0025 snuggle_session_0024 snuggle_session_0023 snuggle_session_0022snuggle_session_0026 snuggle_session_0030 snuggle_session_0029 snuggle_session_0028 snuggle_session_0027snuggle_session_0031 snuggle_session_0035 snuggle_session_0034 snuggle_session_0033 snuggle_session_0032snuggle_session_0036 snuggle_session_0040 snuggle_session_0039 snuggle_session_0038 snuggle_session_0037snuggle_session_0041 snuggle_session_0045 snuggle_session_0044 snuggle_session_0043 snuggle_session_0042snuggle_session_0046 snuggle_session_0050 snuggle_session_0049 snuggle_session_0048 snuggle_session_0047snuggle_session_0051 snuggle_session_0055 snuggle_session_0054 snuggle_session_0053 snuggle_session_0052

If you liked their engagements, here’s a link to Megan and Elogio’s winter mountain wedding in North Carolina.