We have long awaited this Barbados wedding, and it did not disappoint.

      There were so many things about this wedding that were so different.  Usually, Thad and I get to hang out with the bride and groom for months before their big day.  Charlotte and I spoke on the phone a few times before the trip but I couldn’t wait to meet her in person.  A few days before the wedding, we planned to meet them out on their family’s boat.  We swam out to meet them and everyone immediately made us feel so welcome.  We spent day one of the trip learning the names and getting to know their family and friends who came down from all over the world to celebrate with them for not just one wedding day, but a whole weekend of wedding celebrations.  We shared a few rum punches, floated in the Caribbean, ate sushi, and made some brand new friends the morning after we arrived and we couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the weekend would hold.  Needless to say, we felt very spoiled that weekend.  Not only did we feel the hospitality by everyone there, but made some memories that we will NEVER forget. However, although swimming with sea turtles, snorkeling, and soaking up the sun in one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen were totally memorable, I think Thad and I would both agree that meeting Charlotte and Shae and their families and friends were by far the coolest thing we did there.

      When the wedding morning arrived, it felt no different than shooting a bride and groom that we had worked with for months, and we learned very quickly how much fun Barbadians have at wedding receptions.

      Here are a few of our favorite images from Charlotte and Shae’s wedding weekend:

      Barbados_Wedding_0428 Barbados_Wedding_0429 Barbados_Wedding_0430 Barbados_Wedding_0431 Barbados_Wedding_0432 Barbados_Wedding_0433 Barbados_Wedding_0435 Barbados_Wedding_0002Barbados_Wedding_0436 Barbados_Wedding_0437 Barbados_Wedding_0438 Barbados_Wedding_0439 Barbados_Wedding_0440 Barbados_Wedding_0441 Barbados_Wedding_0442 Barbados_Wedding_0443 Barbados_Wedding_0444 Barbados_Wedding_0445 Barbados_Wedding_0446 Barbados_Wedding_0447 Barbados_Wedding_0448 Barbados_Wedding_0449 Barbados_Wedding_0450 Barbados_Wedding_0451 Barbados_Wedding_0452 Barbados_Wedding_0453 Barbados_Wedding_0454 Barbados_Wedding_0459Barbados_Wedding_0461Barbados_Wedding_0455 Barbados_Wedding_0456 Barbados_Wedding_0457 Barbados_Wedding_0458 Barbados_Wedding_0462 Barbados_Wedding_0484Barbados_Wedding_0463 Barbados_Wedding_0464 Barbados_Wedding_0465 Barbados_Wedding_0466 Barbados_Wedding_0467 Barbados_Wedding_0468 Barbados_Wedding_0469 Barbados_Wedding_0470 Barbados_Wedding_0471 Barbados_Wedding_0472 Barbados_Wedding_0473 Barbados_Wedding_0474 Barbados_Wedding_0475 Barbados_Wedding_0476 Barbados_Wedding_0477 Barbados_Wedding_0478 Barbados_Wedding_0479 Barbados_Wedding_0480 Barbados_Wedding_0481 Barbados_Wedding_0482 Barbados_Wedding_0483 Barbados_Wedding_0485 Barbados_Wedding_0486 Barbados_Wedding_0487 Barbados_Wedding_0488 Barbados_Wedding_0489 Barbados_Wedding_0490 Barbados_Wedding_0491 Barbados_Wedding_0492 Barbados_Wedding_0493 Barbados_Wedding_0494 Barbados_Wedding_0495 Barbados_Wedding_0496 Barbados_Wedding_0497 Barbados_Wedding_0499 Barbados_Wedding_0500 Barbados_Wedding_0501 Barbados_Wedding_0502 Barbados_Wedding_0503 Barbados_Wedding_0504 Barbados_Wedding_0505 Barbados_Wedding_0506 Barbados_Wedding_0507 Barbados_Wedding_0511Barbados_Wedding_0508 Barbados_Wedding_0509 Barbados_Wedding_0510 Barbados_Wedding_0512 Barbados_Wedding_0513 Barbados_Wedding_0514 Barbados_Wedding_0515 Barbados_Wedding_0516 Barbados_Wedding_0520Barbados_Wedding_0517 Barbados_Wedding_0518 Barbados_Wedding_0519 Barbados_Wedding_0521 Barbados_Wedding_0522 Barbados_Wedding_0001Barbados_Wedding_0524 Barbados_Wedding_0525 Barbados_Wedding_0526 Barbados_Wedding_0523Barbados_Wedding_0528 Barbados_Wedding_0529 Barbados_Wedding_0530 Barbados_Wedding_0531 Barbados_Wedding_0532 Barbados_Wedding_0533 Barbados_Wedding_0534 Barbados_Wedding_0535 Barbados_Wedding_0536 Barbados_Wedding_0537 Barbados_Wedding_0538 Barbados_Wedding_0539 Barbados_Wedding_0540 Barbados_Wedding_0541 Barbados_Wedding_0543 Barbados_Wedding_0545 Barbados_Wedding_0546 Barbados_Wedding_0547 Barbados_Wedding_0548 Barbados_Wedding_0549 Barbados_Wedding_0550 Barbados_Wedding_0551 Barbados_Wedding_0552 Barbados_Wedding_0553 Barbados_Wedding_0554 Barbados_Wedding_0555 Barbados_Wedding_0556 Barbados_Wedding_0557  Barbados_Wedding_0559 Barbados_Wedding_0560 Barbados_Wedding_0561 Barbados_Wedding_0562 Barbados_Wedding_0563 Barbados_Wedding_0564 Barbados_Wedding_0565 Barbados_Wedding_0566 Barbados_Wedding_0567 Barbados_Wedding_0568 Barbados_Wedding_0569 Barbados_Wedding_0570 Barbados_Wedding_0571 Barbados_Wedding_0572