We’ve been to San Francisco three times now but the first two were just passing through & we didn’t have much opportunity to explore anything there.  We wanted this time to be different.  We flew in (pretty much in the middle of the night) & headed to the Airbnb that Cassie and Hunter rented.  They were asleep already so we waited till morning to finally meet them.  This was also the first time that we traveled with a couple that we hadn’t met yet- but that didn’t matter because we knew how much we loved these two after our first few minutes together the next morning.  We talked about music & the city.  They told us about the Flaming Lips show that they went to just a few nights before, then we headed to the San Francisco flower market together to get some flowers for Cassie’s bouquet for their elopement the next day.  Cassie & I talked a little about doing an engagement session in San Francisco and both of us had Sutro Baths on our radar.  So we headed out towards the coast & made a quick stop along the way to a spot off the highway with a great view of the mountains & coast.  Surprisingly this little spot was completely empty so naturally we pulled over and got out of the car only to realize why no one was there.  IT WAS THE WINDIEST PLACE ON EARTH.  Seriously though, it was so windy we couldn’t even breathe- but we were already out there so Hunter held Cassie close & we tried not to get sand swiped.  Three minutes later, we were out of there & headed straight towards Sutro Baths.  Even though it was cold, windy, & full of people, the four of us explored & laughed all afternoon.  Cassie and Hunter snuggled up on the beautiful coast & we knew that afternoon that these two wonderful souls were really up for anything (which we would soon find out more about in the next few days at Yosemite).

      Here are a few of our favorite images from the chilliest, windiest, but most of all- snuggliest Sutro Baths engagement session: