Calli and Julian’s Sacred Heart Grand Coteau Wedding was a sweet one.

Calli loves to read so it was only fitting that she got ready in the gorgeous Sacred Heart library with her closest friends & family.  She said that right when she walked into the church there, she felt something special.  The library was an additional perk of the venue.  Julian spent the morning at his grandmother’s house & Thad got to see lots of pictures of their family in their sweet home.  It’s always nice to see a family that prints photos, & we were so happy to give them even more photos to add to her sentimental photo collection.  They got married in the historic church then champagne toasted their way to a fun reception at the Lite Center, where their decorations & taste gave such a personal yet subtle tribute to Disney & it’s love stories.  Here’s a little recap from both of them.

From Calli:

“There was less than a 10% chance of rain on our wedding day, so the weather hadn’t even crossed my mind, and I was so surprised when it started storming right before the ceremony was supposed to begin! I think everyone thought I’d be upset, but it actually made things feel even more special to me. We delayed the start time a bit, and it was kind of nice that everyone got to spend a little more time together in anticipation of the moment we’d been planning for for so long! I will never forget how it felt standing outside of the church under an umbrella with my Dad, waiting for our cue. The sounds of the trumpet filled our ears, then the doors opened up to reveal a church packed with hundreds of people who love us (how lucky are we?!) and then at the end of the aisle I spotted Julian, my favorite person in the world, looking gorgeous as ever, and I was just bursting with so much love in my soul ❤️ My heart flutters every time I think of it! Throughout the ceremony, I couldn’t help but remember all the fun we’ve had and all the things we’ve been through together over the past 10 years, and it felt so surreal to finally experience the moment we’d been imagining for such a long time! I’ll also never forget how much fun we had at the reception afterward, dancing the night away with each other and all of our favorite people who came out to celebrate with us. It was the perfect way to start our marriage, and I’m constantly overcome with gratitude for Julian and this beautiful life and partnership that we share.”

From Julian:

“I’m not sure how long I stood up at the front of the church, but it felt like eternity. I was nervous and excited and annoyed with my eye (still not sure what that was or why it got so red.) I remember thinking how much I didn’t want everyone’s eyes on me anymore, I needed Calli to come in so everyone would look at her. The groom is lucky, everyone pays attention to the bride and even though I hadn’t seen calli yet, I had a decade of history with her to know that she was going to be absolutely beautiful and surely everyone would forget about me. What I didn’t expect was how fast I’d forget about me. When those wooden doors opened and I saw her walk in I forgot about all about my nerves and about anyone who was silly enough to still be looking at me and I even forgot about how bad my eye hurt. I forgot about all of the times I’ve screwed up and all of my personal flaws. I honesty kind of forgot about everything, and for a moment, The only thing in the universe that mattered to me was that the most beautiful girl imaginable was walking down the aisle toward me. Again I was reminded of how the groom is always lucky in weddings, but no groom, I thought, was ever this lucky.”


Ceremony: Academy of the Sacred Heart Chapel

Reception Venue: Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise

Hair: Britney Angelle, Jacey Mouton 

Makeup: Patsy Joyce, Britney Angelle

Bride’s dress: Catherine Deane

Bride’s cape veil: Handmade by Stephanie Blanchard

Bride’s tiara: Handmade by Falon Dauphine Blanchard

Ring designer: Julian Blanchard

Bridesmaids’ dresses: BHLDN.com

Groom and groomsmen’s suits: Suit Up

Flowers: Stephanie Blanchard

Videographer: Jai Benoit

Photobooth: TapSnap

Live Artist: Dirk Guidry

DJ: DJ Kilo

Catering: Brent’s Catering

Cakes: The Cake Room

Donuts: Cajun Market Donut Company


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