Andrea + EvanChina Lights Festival New Orleans

Your engagement session should feel like a date, and the NOLA  China Lights festival is the coolest date.

Andrea and Evan and I have a few mutual friends in the UL visual arts/fletcher/architecture world and I knew from our first few emails that their engagement session would just have to be a creative one.  When Andrea first told me about Storyville in NOLA, I had no idea what it was, but I knew I had never been there and that’s always fun.  Then she told me about the China Lights festival.  Still had no idea what that was either but it was also a new place, so I was in.

We had so much flipping fun.

When I drove up to the area, I was so inspired and so excited.  The China Lights festival is seriously the coolest and I couldn’t wait to try out shooting somewhere new.  When Evan and Andrea showed up, I knew right away that we were going to have a blast together.  They treated it like a date!  Seriously though, my main goal for engagement sessions is to help two people create a memory together.  From climbing in tree houses meant for 3-year olds to searching through mazes to find peacocks to maybe trespassing once or twice, I know that I’ll have some great memories from this session and I hope Andrea and Evan do too!

Thank you guys for trusting me enough to do something as cool as this.  You guys are the jam.

Here are some of my favorite images from Andrea and Evan’s China Lights Festival engagement session:

China_Lights_Festival_0382 China_Lights_Festival_0391China_Lights_Festival_0383 China_Lights_Festival_0384 China_Lights_Festival_0387China_Lights_Festival_0385 China_Lights_Festival_0386 China_Lights_Festival_0389 China_Lights_Festival_0388China_Lights_Festival_0392China_Lights_Festival_0390China_Lights_Festival_0393 China_Lights_Festival_0394 China_Lights_Festival_0395 China_Lights_Festival_0396 China_Lights_Festival_0397 China_Lights_Festival_0399 China_Lights_Festival_0400 China_Lights_Festival_0401 China_Lights_Festival_0402 China_Lights_Festival_0398China_Lights_Festival_0403 China_Lights_Festival_0404 China_Lights_Festival_0405 China_Lights_Festival_0406 China_Lights_Festival_0407 China_Lights_Festival_0408 China_Lights_Festival_0411China_Lights_Festival_0409 China_Lights_Festival_0410 China_Lights_Festival_0413 China_Lights_Festival_0414 China_Lights_Festival_0415 China_Lights_Festival_0416 China_Lights_Festival_0417 China_Lights_Festival_0418China_Lights_Festival_0412