By spending a little time with Adrienne + Jonathan before the wedding, we realized how much both of their families mean to them.  Their NOPSI wedding was a celebration of two families becoming one, but was easy to see that these two families already had so much love in their hearts for one another.  Both Adrienne + Jonathan’s moms were present when she was getting ready & they shared so many sweet moments together- from watching Adrienne read her letter from Jonathan, to seeing the bridesmaids reaction when Adrienne walked out in her dress, to tearing up when Adrienne’s dad saw her for the first time, their moms watched proudly and tearfully as they held hands & embraced.  This day was truly about the love & respect that their families had for not only Adrienne & Jonathan, but also for each other.

      Right before the ceremony, the rain started to fall.  Then during the ceremony it fell even harder. By the time their sweet, emotional, love filled ceremony was over, the short walk back from the church to the NOPSI became impossible with all of the rain & flooding in the streets.  Adrienne and Jonathan took the rain in stride.  Some guests walked into the reception hall, giggling about the rain & telling stories about how they got there from the church in all the weather.  But they all agreed that Adrienne and Jonathan wouldn’t get caught up about the rain because what mattered to them most was what happened in the church, & the celebration that would follow with their friends & family.

      & celebrate they did.  They danced the rain away.

      Ceremony:  Immaculate Conception Church
      Reception: NOPSI Hotel, New Orleans
      Flowers & Decorating: Thistle Company
      Planning: K Parris Events
      Band: Bucktown Allstars