Thad and I have always had a thing for road trips.  Our first one was Coachella a little over two years ago, and there have been many more memories that we’ve created on road trips since then.

      In August we took my favorite road trip of all.  It’s taken some time to get around to editing the personal photos but we are so excited to finally share some moments from our trip.

      These photos were taken with a Canon 5D Mark IV and iPhone.

      The three of us (me, Thad, and our dog, Crew) were gone for a month and 10 days, traveling to 13 states, and camping along the way.  We even car camped in a few spots.  Here’ a map of our travels:

      Our first stop was Austin, TX.  We spent some time with my dad then met up with the awesome gals from Junebug Weddings, then continued West for Marfa, TX- where we stayed at El Cosmico Campground.  Crew escaped from us here the first time on the trip (he’s a runner), and we chased him through the desert.

      We added a song for you to listen to while looking through the photos. If you want to check out our Spotify playlist from the trip click here.

      After a few nights in Marfa, we continued west to White Sands, New Mexico.  We car camped here.  Thad and Crew ran up and down the Sandhills and the car was a mess, but watching the sun set over the Sandhills was one of my favorite sunsets of the trip.

      Our friends Dan and Grace hosted us in Los Angeles for a few nights where we explored Malibu and went sailing in Santa Barbara. We also met up with our friends Josh and Abe in Sequoia National Forest for their engagement session. (Here’s the link to that if you haven’t seen it). Here are just a few personal pics from that part of the trip.

      We drove through more desert to Palm Springs and spent the next few days surrounded by Mid-Century architecture.  We also went to Joshua Tree one afternoon and stayed there till midnight to photograph the stars.   Thad stuck his whole body out of the sunroof to photograph the sky and Crew and I kept watch.  Joshua Tree was even more incredible than I could have ever imagined.

      We’ve always wanted to see the Point Reyes fog, and when some friends told us about the Lawson’s Landing campground, we knew it would be the perfect place to car camp for the night. We parked our car facing the sea and walked out onto the shore for sunset. The fog rushed in so fast but had the coziest night in the car listening to the waves. It was also the creepiest night of the trip because the fog was so thick outside of the car that we couldn’t see anything around us.


      Up next was Lake Tahoe, where we met our friends Victoria + Chris for their engagement session.  We tent camped here and our camping spot was right near a beautiful little creek.  We spent a whole day driving around the lake from the California dock side to the rocky Nevada side.  We even did a long hike with Crew and had to carry him halfway through it.  Lake Tahoe was completely different than we imagined.


      The drive from Lake Tahoe to Portland was one of the longest drives of the trip.  We stayed in Portland for a week, and met up with Danielle and Brandon for their engagement session, then we spent an entire day at Hug Point.  This was definitely my favorite day of the trip.  We carved out a cute spot on the beach for a picnic and enjoyed the view.  Crew loved prancing around in the sand.  I spent a lot of time photographing colors and textures of the sea walls (posted towards the end of this section.)

      I made these little sea texture studies. Scroll through to check them out.




      The furthest point of our trip was the Washington Peninsula.  Olympic National Forest did not disappoint.  We drove through the mossy foggy forest up to Ruby Beach where we walked along the shore, climbing over driftwood and getting peeks of the broken up island off the coast through the fog.  We would love to photograph a couple here someday.


      We headed back to Seattle, where we took a break from car camping and rented a cute Airbnb at a botanist shop on Vashon Island, Washington.  We drove our car onto a ferry that crossed over the bay, and all we got was this iPhone photo from the deck of the ferry.


      Yellowstone was so colorful.  We couldn’t bring Crew on many of the hikes, so Thad and I took turns exploring the geysers while taking photos, and hanging out with Crew.  It has been fun to re-live this part of the trip through each other’s photos.  Crew loved seeing all the bison there.


      We also explored Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole on our way out of Yellowstone.  Although we didn’t spend much time in either of these places, here are just a couple snaps from them.


      Our last adventure stop of the trip was Telluride, Colorado.  We car camped surrounded by birch trees and the crisp nights were extra cozy in the car.


      And that’s it!  Here are a few BTS shots.  We packed up our car for over a month and had to be very mindful of what we brought along and what we left at home.  We packed everything up in two small carry on’s, and we had a small Trader Joe’s ice chest bag full of snacks.  We ate crackers and hummus for most of the dinners on the trip, except for Portland, where we frequented our favorite vegan restaurant over 10 times.  Although sometimes exhausting, living on the road for this long taught us so much about ourselves.  There may be a similar road trip to the East Coast in the near future.


      Why am I crying?

      haha that means so much to us 🙂

      Trisha Dominick Casanova

      Your pictures are gorgeous and it takes a special kind of person to camp out in a car for that long, so kudos to y’all! Haha I’d love to do something like this with my husband and pups. If y’all ever go west again, try and make it to West Glacier, MT/Glacier National Park. It’s my favorite place and I’ve been abroad a few times and it’s still one of my favorite places. Days are long, the sun rises at 6am and doesn’t set until we’ll after 10:30pm. It gets pretty cold in the fall/winter so its best to go from June- early October. But it truly is one of the best places on earth, especially for photographing. : )

      Thank you so much Trisha! You, your husband and pup should definitely plan a trip. You will not regret it. We would have loved to make it to Glacier National Park but our time near there was very limited. Maybe that’ll be on our next trip 🙂