So much can be learned by traveling.  We learn to accept other people.  We learn to try new things.  But most importantly, we learn about ourselves & our limits. Travel has been a huge passion of mine since I went to Study Abroad a few summers ago to study art, and my wonderlustful ways just keep getting stronger and stronger.  Lucky, I have an awesome group of friends and an equally wonderlustful boyfriend who feel the need to travel as much as I do.  Needless to say, we were more than excited for this road trip for the whole 6 months that we planned it.   Four people in a Honda Accord for an amazing two week adventure- it was the road trip of a lifetime.  We drove for 2 nights and one day straight into San Diego without any sleep, slept in La Jolla, California, then made our way to Los Angeles and Venice Beach for three nights, then drove to Coachella music festival where we camped out for another three nights, then Vegas for a night, then camped at the Grand Canyon for another two nights and made our way back to Lafayette over the next three days.  Let me just add that ALL FOUR of our bags for a TWO WEEK trip were also in the Honda Accord with us.  We were exhausted, but there was not one thing I would have changed about this trip (except maybe to bring warmer clothes to camp at the Grand Canyon– that was way to cold).  Here are a few of our favorite memories from the trip.  Huge thank you to Thad, Amanda, and Ross for being the best group of travel companions that a girl could ask for :D.  (A lot of these images are Thad’s.  I shot mostly film and I should be getting it back soon.)

      “It is better to travel well than to arrive”  -Buddah


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